Thursday, September 29

Great news this week!!! Logan completed all of his scans and he remains cancer free! Even better news....we never have to do testing again! Logan officially is in the survivor program now. This program will now watch for any possible long term side effects from all the harsh medicine he received. Thank you all for you continued thoughts and prayers.

The fight is not over....LETS FIND A CURE! Please put all your efforts to supporting the Ben Towne foundation. Kelly and I have were privileged to attend the latest benefit this past week. Click here to be directed to the foundations website.
Thank you!

Thursday, September 1


Monday, August 22

Wow it's been a long time since I have updated (I know because my father-in-law reminds me all the time:)). Logan continues to do amazing! We have been very busy this summer....We bought a new camper so have been camping a lot, a week in Sunriver, OR and lots of swimming. Logan also did a week long baseball camp that focused on skills....he loved it.

We will be going in for what is deemed as his final check-up in September.....after that Logan will go in every six months as part of the survivor program. The team of doctors will then watch for possible long term side effects from all the harsh medicine he received.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!

Saturday, April 9

Sorry we have not posted in awhile....especially since we received such great news last week! Logan had his sixth month check-up and all test/scans remain clear. Still in remission. Next check-up will be in September and then we will go to annual check-ups. He will also start the long term survivor program in which they will watch for the long term side affects of the harsh chemo/drugs he received. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Monday, March 14

Logan just finished a great season of basketball! This is a picture of him & his coach.

Thursday, March 3

Things are going great with Logan! He is loving third grade. He is reading 60-70 page books every two days! He is also one of the top students in math in his class.......yes I am bragging. Rogers High school Men's soccer started this week in which I help out coaching. Logan got to meet the new players tonight and was so excited. Many of you that have followed Logan's blog know he is a team captain. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, January 19


Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas Eve to all. Yesterday Logan, Peyton, & I had the fortune to meet an amazing family at Seattle Children's Hospital. There son, John, is battling Neuroblastoma, his mom just gave birth.....sound familiar?

John's Mom heard of Logan through the King 5 story Chris Egan did. She is not that big of a sports fan and was just flipping through channels on Wednesday night. Chris happened to be re-playing the story that night as one of the positive ones of 2010. John's mom caught the end of the story, found me through Facebook & contacted me. I was so touched/moved by their story.

I told Logan how his story of surviving and bravery has inspired this family. A huge smile came to his face. When I told him that John would be at the hospital for Christmas he was worried that John would not get presents. I reassured him that Santa delivers everywhere. Logan & I also came up with the idea to drop a surprise off for him. We went to Toys r Us and picked up some small gifts and delivered them. As we know any small distraction from the long road to fighting this disease really helps.

This holiday season & beyond please put the Hartle family in your prayers.

Friday, November 26